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Should the Boston Marathon bomber be sentenced to death?
April 28, 2015   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

How does a state sentence a terrorist to death when that state no longer has the death penalty? The state of Massachusetts is one of 18 states that does not have the death penalty, which they eliminated in 1984. So, you may ask – How can 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be sentenced to death if the murders occurred in Boston, Massachusetts?

The answer is that the state of Massachusetts is not prosecuting Tsarnaev, the federal government is prosecuting him. The United States government reinstated the death penalty in 1988, so no matter what the law is in your particular state, the death penalty may be imposed if the criminal conduct in question constituted a violation of federal law.

Nevada, incidentally, has the death penalty as one of its current state laws.   READ MORE.

DUI checkpoints - Are they legal and what are
your rights?

December 30, 2014   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

They go by a number of different names: DUI checkpoints, administrative roadblocks, mobile checkpoints, or as they are referred to by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, sobriety checkpoints.   READ MORE.

Everything you need to know about car insurance
December 3, 2014   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

As a lawyer, I am often asked, “What type of automobile insurance should I have?” Although the law requires a minimum level of insurance, it is very important to have the proper combination of insurance to truly protect you and your loved ones.   READ MORE.

What to do if you're in an accident
October 16, 2014   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

We have all heard the stories about how the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) won’t show up at the scene of your automobile accident, even if you call 911 and request them to appear. I am sure many of you, just like me, initially thought – that can’t be true! It evokes thoughts of lawlessness, chicanery and the eventual decline and fall of the Las Vegan Empire.   READ MORE.

The importance of having a will
September 17, 2014   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Have you ever thought about getting a will? Maybe you aren’t sure if you even need one. Perhaps you think that you don’t have enough assets for it to even matter. However, if you want any say as to who gets what after you are gone, you may want to consider creating a will.   READ MORE.

Drinking and driving in Nevada
September 8, 2014   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

In this article, we will focus on Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and the Nevada laws and rules associated with alcohol only. A thorough discussion of driving under the influence of drugs shall appear in the future.

Many people out there are social drinkers who have a drink or two with friends after work, have a drink with dinner, or have a drink on rare occasions, such as a wedding or special event. Regardless of when you drink, the law will come into play should you decide to consume alcohol and then drive your vehicle home.   READ MORE.

Texting and driving
August 26, 2014   |   ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The law permeates everything. Whether it be crossing the street, using your cell phone, or driving your car, everything has a law associated with it. That is why it is undeniably helpful to know the law and to know your rights. There are certain difficult situations when one may have a “run-in” with the law. Many of you may say that you follow the rules and don’t ever have run-ins with the law, yet sometimes, the law runs into us. You may not think you need the advice of a lawyer, but when you are sitting at a stop light and get hit from behind by an irresponsible driver, the world of law is immediately cast upon you. Don’t go at it alone.  READ MORE.



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